Episode 2

Tales of Disrespect with Tara Vatanpour and Anthony Ausgang

The deepest fear of many artists is being disrespected, whether it’s through curators not valuing their pieces or effort, or people criticizing their work. Today’s terrifying tales follow this theme of disrespect, with two world-renowned artists telling their stories. We dive into the nightmare with Scott as he describes how demons and monsters walk among us in the art world, and how insults to our art or our artistic integrity can feel like physical violence! He introduces our two survivors, and how they’ve thrived despite their past traumas… First, Tara Tess Vatanpour Banaihmad tells her tale of disrespect from a curator in Paris, and how they used the pandemic as an excuse to ignore her. We next hear how a monster restaurant owner lashed out, and why Tara feels not all opinions need to be expressed. Finally, Anthony Ausgang details how he survived a threatening and vindictive client in his youth. Famous people can be monsters too, as evidenced by this thrilling tale! Tune in to hear how Anthony got his own back, and how Tara feels sharing horror stories can be the catalyst to changing how the art world runs.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How you can get in touch to share your Art World Horror Stories. 
  • The essence of horror: how disrespect to our art or our integrity can feel like a real crime!
  • An introduction to the two world-renowned artists who shared their horror stories: Tara Tess Vatanpour Baniahmad and Anthony Ausgang.
  • How Tara Tess lost her artwork when the pandemic hit and a famous gallery stopped replying; and how she learned to stand up for herself. 
  • Monster clients: why an opinion doesn’t always need to be spoken. 
  • What Tara has taken from this podcast, and why she feels artists and curators alike should learn from these stories. 
  • Anthony’s horror story: when clients get threatening and vindictive!
  • How Anthony took what he could get when working with a monster.  

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Art World Horror Stories Hotline — 833 668 77325

Art World Horror Stories Email — info@notrealart.com

Tara Tess Vatanpour Baniahmad — https://www.taravatanpour.com

Anthony Ausgang — https://ausgangart.com/

Not Real Art — https://www.notrealart.com/

Scott “Sourdough” Power — https://www.notarealartist.com/

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